Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Horsepower vs. Ponypower Time Trials at Luhmühlen

From the brilliant Luhmühlen event organizers who brought the world leadline cross country, here’s another inspired halftime entertainment idea: a race pitting horsepower against ponypower.

The idea, so far as I could wrap my head around without knowing an ounce of German, is that a young rider and a big name eventer are paired together to complete a two-part time trial Part 1: Kiddo and pony complete a course as fast as possible. Part 2: After dismounting, kid and big name eventer sprint out to a car, in this case a Land Rover Discovery, and they maneuver as swiftly as possible through a cones course with the grownup behind the wheel (I cut off the video about halfway through the vehicle part, oops). The pair with the fastest time wins.

Techno dance music optional. Looks super fun!

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