Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: How to Cope with Shortcomings

Diane Portwood recently started a new video blog chronicling her experiences as a young rider and college student. She’s just released a new vlog on the subject of dealing with being, in her words, a “complete failure.” Here’s what she has to say:

In this vlog, I talk about dealing with the sport when things aren’t going your way, or as I more eloquently titled it, ‘How to Cope With Being a Complete Failure.” It chronicles the struggles I faced at the ripe old age of seventeen with having both of my horses incur potentially career ending injuries shortly after starting my working student stint at Five Ring Stable and how/why I kept a positive attitude during the ordeal. Due to finals week, it is basically me talking for fifteen minutes (which is unfortunate, I know, I know), but I think the message is important, especially for other young riders.

Many thanks to Diane for taking the time to make these vlogs!

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