Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: JumpCross Challenge

Lesley Stevenson posted this throwback video on her Facebook pages yesterday, and we thought this idea looked quite entertaining. Imagine galloping across country, through water, and over terrain while clearing … show jumps?

That’s exactly what’s entailed in this “JumpCross” challenge. Formed in the UK, JumpCross was thought up by Robin Dunlop of Grange Farm Equestrian Center. The intention of the event is to provide riders with the cross country experience while utilizing “knock down” fences.

The element of fences that will come down introduced the emphasis on safety while still challenging horses and riders the same way the terrain would on a regular cross country course.

With the ever watchful public eye firmly affixed on the subject of safety, this idea has been mentioned more than once in discussion. While we can’t say that this format would replace a traditional cross country course, it is interesting to see a format such as this at work.

Check out some other rounds from past JumpCross challenges below. What do you think, EN? Would you give this format a try?

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