Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: May-Daze H.T. Helmet Cam Roundup

There’s no better place to spend a warm, sunny late spring day than the Kentucky Horse Park, especially if you’re galloping around those storied bluegrass fields on the back of a horse.

May-Daze H.T., which took place over the weekend at the Park, is a favorite event for many riders and the inviting, educational track and super footing always seems to bring out the best in horses. I was bummed to miss it myself this year! A small consolation prize: the opportunity to live vicariously through these helmet cam videos.

Prelim: Heather Hornsby and Carmac

Prelim: John Crowell and Little Hail

Training: Christina Sharkey and Pebbles

Training: Madeleine Richards and Whitfield

Beginner Novice: Allie Morua and First Wealth

You can check out full results from the event here.

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