Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Meg Kep ‘Revolutionizing American Eventing’

Some days I have a lot of words. Some days I have less. And every now and again, I have no words at all.

This is one of those days. I have zero words for you with regard to this video of Meg Kep’s show jumping round over the weekend at Three Lakes February H.T. with Fernhill Cork Blues.

Fortunately, The Horse Pesterer had many words and used every last one of them while filming. Here is a transcript:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you today. In the Open Novice division we have a horse and rider — I should just say the rider, because on any horse this is a special moment that revolutionizes American eventing.

“There are people in American eventing who only need one name: Bruce, Phillip, Buck, Boyd and … Meg. That’s right. This. Is. Meg Kep.

“You might have even heard of Sinead Halpin, and if you did, it’s all because of Meg Kep. In fact watching this round I’m wondering if perhaps, Meg used to put on a blonde wig and ride Tate in place of Sinead. Because we wouldn’t even know the difference.

“I was going to stay and watch cross country but it would just be a blur. I’m not sure my camcorder would pick it up. Let’s see what the announcer has to say.”

[Pause. Announcer: “No. 112 — 0 time faults, 0 jumping faults.”]

“Zero-zero. That’s a little slice of heaven right there.”

Go Meg. Go Horse Pesterer. Go Eventing.

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