Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: ‘Put Your Heels Down’ ft. Meg Kep

This video of Meg Kep telling her student to “put your heels down” during a lesson is just crying out for a remix. Calling all remix aficionados: Please do this video justice and remix it however you see fit. Email your best remix videos to [email protected], and we’ll post them here for your viewing pleasure. All participants will receive EN karma and eternal glory. Go Meg.

Why SpectraVET?

Reliable. Effective. Affordable.

SpectraVET is committed to providing only the highest-quality products and services to our customers, and to educating the world in the science and art of laser therapy.

We design and manufacture the broadest range of clinically-proven veterinary therapeutic laser products, which are represented and supported worldwide by our network of specialist distributors and authorized service centers.

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