Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Stable View H.T. Training Helmet Cam

When you’re getting ready to move up a level, the level you’re at should feel like a romp around the park — and that’s exactly the feeling you get watching this helmet cam of Hannah Ledford and Fernhill Music Man making short work of the Training cross country course at Stable View Aiken Opener H.T. over the weekend.

“Hannah did what we hope to be her last Training and take the next step up to Prelim!,” reports the Georgia young rider’s trainer Jade Anderson of Jade Anderson Eventing.

We always love seeing Jade out with her crew. Not only is she an accomplished rider, as a trainer she radiates positive energy and it’s clear that she inspires hard work and dedication in her students. A recent example:

Jade and her ladies country schooling in 32 degrees and sleet earlier this month. Photo via Jade Anderson.

Jade, Hannah and Claire country schooling in 32 degrees and sleet earlier this month. Photo via Jade Anderson.

Hoo-boy, you ladies are tough! Glad to see all that winter training is paying off via glowing performances in the team’s first outing of the year. Jade reports on the weekend:

JAE attended the Stableview HT this passed weekend! What a weekend it was … It was a weekend of firsts!

Grace Smith finished her first Preliminary in fine form!

Claire Howard finished her first Training with clear show jumping and clear cross country.

My two boys Fernhill Oreo and Fernhill Q popped around their Prelim with no problem. I loped them around just to get a good confident run under their belt! We have a full season in front of us!

Let the 2017 eventing season begin!!!

I’m so thrilled with this group of young ladies!! Each of them cheered for the other and help one another out … I loooove seeing the teamwork! Congrats ladies!!!!

Shout out to my homegirl Holly Malcom for helping me throughout the weekend! Gillian Pressel, Wesley Ann Norton for pitching in and helping with my horses!

Photo via Jade Anderson.

Photo via Jade Anderson.

You go, girls. Go Eventing!

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