Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: ‘Buck & Kyle’ Wellington Eventing Showcase Recap

The Sort of OK Show About Horses with Buck & Kyle is a newly launched eventing analysis show that seems, from initial impressions, to be 73% top-notch insider comment, 24% Buck Davidson and Kyle Carter sitting around shooting the crap, and 3% Rocky theme song eventing montage.

Jenni introduced the series last week here and shared the first episode, a preview of the $75,000 Wellington Eventing Showcase. They hedged their bets on various horses and riders and, as a friendly wager, chose a team of four horses and riders they thought would generate the best overall team score as well as a Dark Horse that allowed for a drop score.

At stake: If Buck’s team won, Kyle vowed to compete one of Buck’s horses at an upcoming event while wearing Buck’s colors. If Kyle’s team won, Buck promised to compete one of Kyle’s horses at an upcoming event while wearing Kyle’s colors.

To find out who won, check out this week’s episode!

Click here to subscribe to the show on YouTube, and stay tuned for the next episode, expected to drop in advance of Red Hills next month. Go Buck & Kyle!

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