Tuesday Video: Giving Tuesday at CORRAL

“God intended for all of us to thrive but not everyone has equal access to a bright future. By experiencing individual, family or social trauma our girls have the odds stacked against them. This is where CORRAL shows up, giving our girls a leg up in life.”

With two campuses based in Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina, CORRAL is a faith-motivated nonprofit that equips adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and education. The program uses a trauma focused approach to equine therapy to serve girls who are 11-18 years old with high risk factors and low protective factors and resources. The unique components of its program — equine-assisted psychotherapy, education support, vocational training, and career/college readiness — prepare each girl and her community with skills, resources and opportunities so that she can gain access to a bright future.

“Together we are on a groundbreaking journey to provide access to horsewomenship to the most vulnerable girls in our community at no cost to them or their families …  At CORRAL we believe every girl deserves a bright future and together we can elevate and restore power to those young women we have the privilege of serving. These are the women who, once empowered, often become change makers in their own communities, the impact of which is felt by generations to come.”

You can help rally behind these women on their journeys by taking action, whether by giving, volunteering or referring a girl. Learn more about CORRAL and the impact it is making on its community by visiting the website here.