Tuesday Video: Karl Cook on Rider Effectiveness and Turning

Show jumper Karl Cook has become a part-time educator online thanks to his involvement with the Noelle Floyd Masterclass series as well as his own newly-launched series, “Walking and Talking”, on Instagram. In each video, Karl picks a topic he wishes to expand on, often taking popularly-accepted theories and “myth-busting” them as he tests other concepts.

In this episode, Karl focuses on how riders are taught to make effective turns. He uses some common exercises that many riders have in their toolbox, taking the time to analyze both his effectiveness as a rider and the resulting impact on the performance of the horse. For the riding theory nerds out there, this video was made for you! Karl takes a fairly analytical and technical approach to his riding, which I appreciate in many ways.

Despite the fact Karl spends his time in the show jumping arena, the concepts he discusses here are nonetheless useful to us as eventers — you may pick up a new bit of knowledge to take to your next ride.

It may make sense to go back to the first videos in this series, so you can click here to view part one and here to view part two.

Can’t see the embedded Instagram post above? Click here to view it.

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