Tuesday Video: Learning How to ‘Fail’ with Landsafe

If you’ve ever attended a Landsafe Equestrian clinic put on by Danny and Kelli Warrington, you know the basic concepts behind the idea of falling in a safer way that could help reduce risk of severe injury in the event of a rotational fall. If you haven’t attended, we’ve got the perfect vlog to take a peek behind the scenes and pique your interest.

YouTuber Gypsy Equestrian, based in Texas, recently attended a Landsafe clinic and gleaned a lot of useful information, even as a rider who doesn’t event herself. There are a lot of fundamental topics covered in these excellent clinics, which focus on rider safety and muscle memory to become more instinctive with our reactions.

Landsafe Equestrian is always on tour, so you can check out their upcoming dates — or schedule a clinic at your farm — here.

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