Tuesday Video: Versatile Cavaletti with Piggy March

Even if you don’t have access to regular lessons and training, or in supplement to your ongoing education, one benefit of today’s reaches of the internet is the plethora of information available for learning. British five-star eventer and reigning Badminton champion Piggy March’s vlog is one such example. In her latest episode, Piggy gives into the many different ways she incorporates cavaletti into her everyday training.

“(Cavaletti) are a good variation of work through the season to break up just normal schooling or test riding,” Piggy explains. Additionally, poles are useful for getting the hind end and topline built back up after time off and for getting the horses geared back up for jumping.

Piggy takes us through some basic cavaletti exercises, explaining the differences between some of her horses and how the poles help each of them. Another thought she shares: this is useful not only for the physical benefits, but also for the added perk of encouraging the horse to think for and carry itself. This is a skill perhaps underemphasized in some areas but is one of the most important characteristics a successful event horse needs. From there, you’ll see how Piggy works over the poles – using trot and canter poles, bounces, small jumps, and lead change poles – with horses ranging from experienced five-star to young horses.

It’s extremely generous that Piggy and her team continue to produce this content for our enjoyment and education. Please support them by subscribing to Piggy March on YouTube.