#TrainingTipTuesday Video: Walking Cross Country with Lucinda Green

It’s cross country day! You’ve ticked all the preparation boxes, gotten through your dressage test, and now it’s time for the fun stuff. But are you properly prepared for this phase?

Walking and preparing for cross country is a skill all event riders should possess, but sometimes we skip over some details when things get busy or our nerves begin to cloud our thinking. Through her online XC Academy program, British eventing legend Lucinda Green provides loads of useful information on a variety of cross country riding and training techniques; the latest video she’s released centers on walking your course.

How many jumps should you jump in warm-up? What happens if you sun’s shining directly in your eyes at your ride time? How can you walk your course with your horse and where you are in your training in mind? These are the details Lucinda talks through in great detail as she takes viewers through a course walk, and I guarantee it’ll change the way you look at your next walk.

Watch, listen, learn, and sign up for Lucinda’s XC Academy for more content like this here.