Tuesday Video: Worcestershire Team Chase Helmet Cam

“Keith, you’re probably going to need to give me a lead because I haven’t got a clue where the course goes, really.”

“This is gonna be a nightmare.”

“We really need a leader.”

“Can you lead? Alice, CAN YOU LEAD?!?”

“Oh brilliant, yay, we’ve got a leader. Woo-hoo!”

“Okay, I’ve never been in water before.”

“There’s one over there.”

“Good, mates, really quick! Good feet. Good boy. Good fella.”

“We’ve lost Alice.”

“We’ve got a big hedge coming up now. Oh holy … off we go!”

“Mate, really?!”

Between Roddy Stanning’s hilarious commentary and the seat-of-the-pants cross country action, you’ll want to grab mane for this helmet cam from the recent Worcestershire Team Chase!

Go Team Chasing.