Tuesday Videos: Understanding the Barn Sour Horse

Chelsea Canedy and Little Einstein. Photo by Sally Spickard.

There is something so frustrating about having a barn sour horse. I can still distinctly remember trying to hack my horse from my farm to literally across the street to ride at Peter Gray’s, only to spend 30 minutes spinning and hanging on for dear life while my horse decided I was, without a doubt, riding him toward his death. I ended the ride feeling dejected and disappointed, unable to figure out the right tools to end on a good note.

Luckily, if you’re in my situation now, there are an infinite amount of resources available to help navigate these situations. And as stressful as they are for us as the riders, they can be infinitely more so for our horses.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting eventer and horsemanship pro Chelsea Canedy in the past, and I’ve really come to appreciate her clear communication techniques. In a recent Equestrian Masterclass with Noelle Floyd, Chelsea talks about how to manage barn sour horses. These two short videos provide a few of the tips she teaches in her Masterclass, and they’re well worth checking out!

Now excuse me while I invent a time machine so I can make it over to Peter’s, finally!

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