Up Your Grid Game with Laine Ashker’s #GOTD Exercises

Screenshot via Laine Ashker on Instagram. Screenshot via Laine Ashker on Instagram.

It’s a constant battle to find new ideas for your training regimen, and the off-season exacerbates the difficulty of breaking monotony. Thankfully, many riders are also tinkering with their training and sharing their tips along the way. Laine Ashker recently began doing a “Grid of the Day” post featuring various grid exercises that can be useful for horses and riders of all levels.

One of the useful things about grid work is that the jumps can be tiny and still drive the point home. You don’t need to jump 4-foot to prove anything — put the jumps at whatever height are comfortable for you and your horse, and keep in mind that the less wear and tear on a horse’s legs the better.

Check out some creative grid exercises and the training concept behind them from Laine’s Instagram:

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