US Equestrian Launches New Guaranteed Insurance Benefits Program for Members

Because with horses, you just never know what is going to happen next. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

I’ve definitely experienced the terror of leaving a cross country startbox thinking, “I can’t fall off today; I don’t have health insurance.” When you’re a self-employed equine professional who is struggling just to make ends meet, much less participate in an increasingly expensive sport, it can be tempting to take the gamble with garbage insurance or even no insurance at all. But none of us are invincible, and unexpected injury or illness can turn your life upside down if you aren’t adequately covered.

US Equestrian announced this week that it has added new customized health coverage options for your individual and small business needs including short term medical, accident, critical illness, hospital, short and long term disability, dental, and vision. USEF paid-fan and competing members can take advantage of guaranteed issue benefits with discounts ranging from up to 35% or more off of market prices.

This is exciting news for myself and my family. We are currently paying an arm-and-a-leg a month for halfway decent insurance for myself, my husband and our new baby, as neither of us receive insurance through work. (Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up / to be internet horse blog editors.) I shopped for an individual discounted medical plan for our family through US Equestrian’s marketplace and the quotes and plans I was presented with were more affordable and offered better benefits than the plan we’re currently on through the trainwreck that is our federal health insurance marketplace.

Here’s the 411 on US Equestian’s various insurance offerings:

“US Equestrian is pleased to announce the launch of a new benefits program for members, offering access to expansive coverage, including medical, dental, vision, business, pet, and liability insurance for all competing USEF members and USEF subscribing members. Currently, promotional fan members are not eligible to enroll in the benefits program, but upgrading your membership is simple — click here to upgrade your membership. As an organization, we understand the challenges of finding affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and businesses. It can be a daunting process. We have customized our new insurance benefits program to best fit the needs and interests of our diverse membership. To best represent our membership, US Equestrian does not accept royalties or payments of any kind.

“The insurance benefit program is available to all USEF competing members and USEF subscribing members, with discounts ranging from 35% or more off current market pricing. Benefits for individuals include access to free mental health counseling, discounted short-term medical coverage plans provided by United Healthcare, as well as dental and vision coverage provided by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Guaranteed-issue insurance plans are also available for critical illness and accident coverage provided by MetLife, emergency medical transportation, personal liability and disability coverage provided by Equisure, as well as legal and financial protection plans supported by Financial Lock. Teladoc insurance coverage is also available through the member benefits program, giving you access to a licensed physician 24/7 via telephone.

“For small businesses of any industry, the current benefits program offers group discounted medical plans for business owners and companies with two employees or more. Each plan is customizable to ensure you find the right plan for your business needs and only requires a manageable, recurring monthly payment. Coverage plans are administered by well-known providers Cigna and Aetna Signature.

“The benefits program also includes the option to enroll in a small-animal pet insurance plan from providers Figo and Nationwide. Pet insurance offers flexible coverage for illnesses and injuries to small pets and includes coverage of visits to veterinarians, emergency rooms, and specialists.

“We believe our members should have the opportunity to access affordable health coverage and are proud to offer this comprehensive benefits plan to all paid USEF members. With the rollout of this new program, US Equestrian has created a dedicated 24/7 member benefit hotline, where trained specialists can help you navigate the different coverage plans and find plans that best fit you and your business. To reach the USEF member benefit hotline, call 1-800-349-1082.

“To learn more about US Equestrian’s new member benefits, please visit or call our 24/7 dedicated member benefits hotline at 1-800-349-1082.”

Thanks for looking out for us, US Equestrian. Go Eventing.

[US Equestrian Launches New Guaranteed Insurance Benefits Program for Members]