US Equestrian Names 2019 Emerging Athlete Program Participants

Charlotte Collier and Clifford M. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The US Equestrian (USEF) Eventing Sport Committee has approved the list of athletes for the Emerging Athlete Eventing 18 and Eventing 25 programs for 2019. The program aims to identity and nurture athletes with the aim of competing at the highest level of the sport and representing the U.S. on an international level.

The athletes will participate in the Eventing 18 and Eventing 25 training sessions, and additional athletes will be invited to audit the sessions. USEF Eventing Emerging Athlete Coach Leslie Law will provide the Eventing 18 and Eventing 25 athletes and auditors with skilled instruction and insight in their respective training sessions. The athletes and auditors will also participate in lectures on horse management, physiotherapy and show jumping course design.

The 12 Eventing 18 athletes were selected based on the talent of the athlete or horse-and-athlete combination, and less on the horse’s ability. The Eventing 18 East Coast winter training sessions will be held in Ocala, Florida, on Jan. 7-10, 2019. The West Coast winter training session will take place Jan. 28-31, 2019, with a location still to be determined.

The Eventing 18 program participants are as follows:

  • Charlotte Babbitt (Petaluma, California)
  • Alexandra Baugh (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Cierra Daratony (Dexter, Michigan)
  • Amanda Gardiner (Hollis, New Hampshire)
  • Brianna Maroney (Portola Valley, California)
  • Margaret Pellegrini (Newport Beach, California)
  • Dylan Philipps (Pittsboro, North Carolina)
  • Caitlyn Ruud (Franksville, Wisconsin)
  • Austin Skeens (Christiansburg, Virginia)
  • Sophie Tice (Danville, California)
  • Delaney Vaden (Grass Valley, California)
  • McKinsey Wickman (Prosper, Texas)

The Eventing 18 auditing participants are as follows:

  • Nicholas Beshear (Somerset, Virginia)
  • Jordan Crabo (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • Elizabeth Henry (Lafayette, Indiana.)
  • Abigail Niles (Sherborn, Massachusetts)
  • Catherine Nolan (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania)

Twelve athletes were named to the Emerging Athlete Eventing 25 program. Talent advisors evaluated current form, competition results and the potential to make a valuable contribution in team competition. Advisors also had the option to talent-spot athletes onto the list who met the evaluation criteria but did not meet the CCI2* minimum eligibility requirement.

Leslie Law will work with the Eventing 25 athletes at their winter training session in Ocala, Florida, on Jan. 14-17, 2019, and on the West Coast from Jan. 28-31, 2019 with a location still to be determined.

Eventing 25 participants are as follows:

  • Amanda Beale Clement (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania)
  • Jenny Caras (Cartersville, Georgia.)
  • Charlotte Collier (Winchester, Virginia)
  • Hallie Coon (Ocala, Florida)
  • Cornelia Dorr (Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts)
  • Mia Farley (San Clemente, California)
  • Jacob Fletcher (North Little Rock, Arkansas)
  • Woodge Fulton (Finksburg, Maryland)
  • Cosby Green (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Mallory Hogan (Belvedere, California)
  • Ryan Keefe (Sandy Spring, Maryland)
  • Madison Temkin (Sebastopol, California)

Zoe Crawford (Reddick, Florida) will serve as an Eventing 25 auditing participant.

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[US Equestrian Announces Emerging Athlete Eventing 18 and Eventing 25 Program Participants for 2019]