USEA Cardiopulmonary Research Group Conducting Study at New Jersey H.T.

Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border. Photo by Mark Walter Lehner. Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border. Photo by Mark Walter Lehner.

The USEA Equine Cardiopulmonary Research Group has been working hard to collect important data that will aid the insight we have into cardiac issues in our equine athletes. They are conducting a study at New Jersey Horse Trials I, held this weekend, and have purchased additional equipment in order to allow them to include more horses in their study.

The Research Group published its latest findings in a report earlier this year, and more data is always needed to continue the success of the studies.

Made evident from the numbers studied previously, a big initiative research group this year has been to study as many horses as possible. The study at New Jersey this weekend will be the first of many planned studies to occur over the summer.

The Research Group may still be in need of participants, and competitors can find sign up sheets on the grounds. All findings will be kept confidential, and priority will be given to horses competing at the higher levels.

Participating in studies such as these is a great way to help further our sport, as knowledge is our biggest weapon when combating incidents that can drastically affect our competing horses.

[USEA Cardiopulmonary Research Group Seeks Participants]