USEA Unveils a New Look for Discover Eventing

The issue of making eventing more known and understood in the eyes of the general public has plagued the sport for years, and pressure from bodies like the IOC only make these efforts more important for the sport. Dedicated to education, our friends at the USEA have recently re-introduced Discover Eventing, a handy resource eventers can share with our non-three-day counterparts when they ask “What Is Eventing?”

Screenshot via Discover Eventing.

The webpage gives a reader-friendly rundown on the sport and its three phases. Next time a friend asks you how your “horse race” went, you can easily clear things up for them by sending the link,

Screenshot via Discover Eventing.

Ok they know about eventing, now what? The “Get Involved” tab shows the many options for enthusiasts to get a taste of the sport from competing, to volunteering to owning an event horse.

Screenshot via Discover Eventing.

For riders switching to eventing or just starting out, Discover Eventing also has a step-by-step guide to the ins and outs of their first competition under the tab “My First Event.” It is a great resource for those looking for clarification on how to enter an event, what to wear or what to expect of the big day. 

The USEA is dedicated to educating both current eventers and potential new event enthusiasts and this site is an extension of the efforts. Check it out at and let us know what you think in the comments.