USEF Updates SafeSport Policy to ‘Further Protect Minor Athletes’

Image courtesy of USEF

USEF announced an update this week to the SafeSport policy, which now includes new USEF Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention (MAAP) policies and will go into effect on June 1. USEF CEO Bill Moroney and USEF President Murray Kessler released a letter to members this week explaining the policy update.

“The new MAAP policies are part of a congressional requirement mandating USEF, as well as other amateur sports organizations and governing bodies, to implement policies and procedures that limit one-on-one interactions between minor athletes and adults who are not their parent/legal guardian.

“We understand that these policies, which affect one-on-one meetings/training, social media, electronic communications (such as text messages and e-mail), travel, and more, will change the way adults and minors in our sport currently interact.

“We have provided examples to explain the policies, and we encourage you to read them closely. These policies are designed to protect minors and adults, and other sports governing bodies across the country are enacting similar measures.”

Click here to read the updated SafeSport policy. More than 55,000 USEF members have now taken SafeSport training, which was updated last month to only one module, as opposed to three separate modules when the training launched at the beginning of the year.

“It is vital to the sustainability of equestrian sport to deliver SafeSport information and resources directly to our members. We will continue to support you in adhering to these policies by providing regular updates. We appreciate your efforts to ensure equestrian sport is a safe environment for all.”

Click here to read the full letter, which includes updates on other key initiatives currently currently underway at USEF, from drugs/medications and licensed officials to education partners and special task forces.