Video Break: “Stuff Eventers Say” by Kerry Blackmer

Well, after things went viral with SmartPak’s “Stuff Riders Say” series (You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 right here on EN!), videos began popping up all over the internet to show representation of specific riding disciplines. And of course Eventing was one of the first to throw in their own special edition of “Stuff Eventers Say,” brought to you by Kerry Blackmer!



(my Favorite?… “The Grounds too hard, I’m going to Scratch…. The Grounds too soft, I’m going to Scratch.” Yep, this is sounding very familiar!)

Kerry Blackmer, an upper level event rider that runs Miles Ahead Farm, was recently chosen as one of the trainers for the Retired Racehorse Trainers Challenge. This challenge, organized by The Retired Racehorse Training Project, in which three trainers and three horses (with one alternate) team up to show the world that speed is not the only thing a racehorse can be known for!

To follow Kerry and her fellow trainers in their progress with these amazing ex-racehorses, check out the Retired Racehorse Trainers Challenge blog.

Go Eventing!

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