Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Charlotte Dujardin’s Driving Force

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and then hit play on a fantastic documentary series highlighting women in sports — you certainly won’t want to miss episode 6 in particular, which features dressage star Charlotte Dujardin.

Created for Sky Sports and hosted by Scottish tennis coach Judy Murray (who shares her own story in episode one) Driving Force explores the backstories of a number of incredible female athletes. Each story delves into the highs and lows of achieving greatness in sport, shining a particular light on the challenges that they’ve faced both along the way and after achieving major success.

Charlotte’s episode takes us back to her early days of showing ponies and the sacrifices that her family made to get her and her sister started in the sport, finding mentorship and friendship with trainers Ian Cast, Judy Harvey and Carl Hester, to meeting the incomparable Valegro as a four-year-old and developing through the ranks of dressage together. Plus, she and Judy discuss the unique difficulties that came after being thrust into the spotlight after achieving double gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics, how working with a sport psychologist helped her to find herself again, and how she made the decision to retire Valegro.

All episodes of season 1 of Driving Force are now available on YouTube and we’re delighted to see that there is a second season coming soon as well!

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