Tuesday Video: ‘Grooming Is an Inside Job’ #WeRideTogether PSA

*Trigger warning* This video contains discussions of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Grooming is an inside job. So is prevention. Your voice has power.

Here is preview of the third PSA of the #WeRideTogether campaign. It elevates the voice of Jessica Manning, a horsewoman and horse lover whose abuser used horses to groom and sexually abuse her.

Watch the full-length video here.

#WeRideTogether gives a voice to survivor stories, provides resources to report abuse and get help, and offers educational information for athletes, coaches, and families. Sexual misconduct and abuse have long been an issue in equestrian sport, and is often ignored, minimized, or wrongly blamed on the victim. The equestrian community is no longer sitting idly by.

The microsite will be updated on an ongoing basis to provide a safe place for survivors to share their experiences. It is intended a true movement and cultural shift that demands increased accountability from trainers and coaches, gives survivors a safe platform for their voice, and helps diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward.

Visit WeRideTogether.Today to learn more.