Video Saturday: Slow Motion Hoofbeats

Leslie Threlkeld
Slow motion video makes everything look more fascinating, more majestic, more… fascinating, especially with grandiose music in the background.  Then again, sometimes my horse moves so slow he’s practically going backwards…and sometimes he actually is going backwards.  Don’t worry, that’s at the top of the “things to fix” list.
Slow Motion Gallop
A slow motion gallop kinda makes you appreciate good quality boots.

Slow Motion Harness Race
I always thought I’d take up driving when I’m too injured…I mean old…to event anymore.

Slow Motion Jumping

Watching horses jump in slow motion really highlights the complexity of the actions executed by horse and rider in a short time frame.

Badminton in your Backyard

Can’t decide what to do for fun this afternoon? Well, these fellas thought it would be a great idea to jump a couple of horses over a car…while standing.

Call for “Time Warp” Horse Episode
While doing my research for this post, I kept thinking, “Forget that Jockey show, when is Discovery Channel’s ‘Time Warp’ going to dedicate an episode to horses in high definition slow motion?” I was so concerned, I zipped over to the “Show Suggestions” forum, and plenty of people had beat me to it! Lots of horse fans (and several Eventers) are calling for 4* slow motion videography. Many of you, I’m sure will agree. Trot on over to the suggestion forum and make your desires known!


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