Undefeated Zenyatta returns to racing for 2010

From the Thoroughbred Times:

Jerry Moss said he saw Zenyatta on Saturday morning at Shirreffs’ barn, and she was doing so well they decided to keep her in training and have some fun this year with a great racemare.

“We were there this morning. Annie and I watched her jog on the track and she just looked amazing; she’s so radiant,” Jerry Moss said. “She seems to be still growing, which is a strange thing to say, and we talked to John, obviously, and we said, ‘What are we doing?’

“We like to come to the races and enjoy coming to the races. We come if we have any kind of race, and she’s a real star. We love to watch her run and we love her so much. So we said, ‘Let’s run her.’


The horse world loves its superstars.  I’m excited to see Zenyatta race again– she performed with such enthusiasm and courage, a classic thoroughbred.  Hats off to the Mosses for their sportsmanship and sharing the great mare with her fans for another racing season.  They said they might like to travel with her…leaving the door open for Dubai or a possible match up with Rachel Alexandra?  Regardless, I look forward to seeing her charging down the stretch with her ears pricked, smoking her competition yet again. 

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