Video Saturday: The Water Jump

The Water Jump is a guaranteed good show:  It’s the fence volunteers hope to judge, it’s where you’ll always find the biggest spectator crowd, and it’s not the place to fall off on a cold day.

Championship Water: Watch and learn from the best as they navigate the Advanced water jump at last year’s AEC.

Mitsubishi Motorboat: This horse and rider combination motor right over the trucks and through the water combination with precision and confidence.

In A Pickle: What I like about this video (besides the irony of the horse’s name) is that they show the clip in real-time and then in dramatic slow motion, distorted voices included.
Queen of the Lake: Karen O’Connor and Upstage recover like pros.  You might want to turn down your volume for this one.

Duck, Duck, Duck: Kim and Paddy have a beautiful, quiet ride through the Duck Marsh.
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