Volunteer Nation: Carolina Horse Park Cleanup Day!

The Carolina Horse Park needs help getting winter-ready … can you help? This Saturday, Jan. 8 is Cleanup Day at the Park — shifts are available from 9 a.m. to noon, 1 p.m. to 3, and full-day. You can sign up here.

The Park appreciates its volunteers and shows its love with plenty of perks. On the day of, hospitality will include drinks throughout the day, a light breakfast and lunch. You can also earn “Park Points” for discounts on any CHP organized event or program — a 30-point voucher (full day volunteering) = $30 discount, and a 15 points voucher (1/2 day volunteering) = $15 discount. You can also redeem points via the Volunteer Merchandise Catalog.

Another way volunteers are honored is through CHP’s Volunteer Excellence Awards. Based on hours worked, the top 10 volunteers, top Jr. volunteer, top newcomer volunteer and top dressage/XC/SJ volunteers will be honored at the November War Horse Competitor Luncheon. These Volunteer Award winners will be formally recognized and receive their awards at the Southern Pines Equine Associates Volunteer Appreciation & Awards Party (date TBD), reflecting the degree of dedication and volunteerism of CHP’s entire volunteer corps.

Let’s hear it for CHP’s 2021 Volunteer Award Winners!

2021 Top 10 Volunteers
1 Joan Hilsman     182.04 Awards, Event Prep
2 Tiffany Teeter   128.57 XC Jump Judge, SJ In Gate
3 Denise Jones     110.55 SJ Warm Up
4 Janeen Roehr    103.59 XC Jump Judge
5 Laurie Rose       103.43 XC Jump Judge
6 Nancy Rose       95.20 XC Jump Judge
7 Bill Watson        91.25 XC Starter
8 Betsy Rainoff     82.09 XC Jump Judge
9 Sarah Russell     81.37 XC Jump Judge
10 Lei Ryan           81.18 Event Prep

2021 Top Junior Volunteers
1 Angelo Lobsinger     107.30 Dressage Steward
2 Danielle Douglas       57.40  Dressage Score Runner
3 Reagan Roy                43.13  XC Jump Judge
4 Kennedy Darling         19.45 XC Jump Judge, Event Prep
5 Nielly Quinones          18.38 XC Jump Judge
6 Maddy Stancil             18.05 XC Jump Judge
7 Isabell Douglas           14.30 Hospitality
8 Parker Foley                14.00 XC Jump Judge

2021 USEA Bronze Medal Recipient
Joan Harper (over 500 volunteer hours at USEA recognized events)

2021 Volunteer Hall of Fame (New this year) 2021 Inductees
-Joan Harper
-Vicki Reynolds
-Ellen Chaney
-Betsy Rainoff
-Bill Watson

2021 Newcomer Award: Emily Logan
2021 Top Dressage Volunteer: Danielle Douglas
2021 Top Show Jumping Volunteer: Denise Jones
2021 Top Cross Country: Janeen Roehr

For more information on volunteering at CHP, visit the Volunteer portal on the website here. You can also contact CHP’s Volunteer Coordinator Maggie Cline at [email protected] or 724-816-6131.

As always, you can earn merit points when you donate your time through the USEA’s Volunteer Incentive Program. Registering to volunteer through EventingVolunteers.com makes it easy and seamless to both find a job and shift as well as learn what your role will entail.