Volunteer Nation: Three H.T. & a Dressage Show That Could Use a Helping Hand This Weekend

Remember back in the days of yore when December would hit and eventers suddenly had nothing to do and nowhere to go? Our calendars emptied out, our saddles collected a little dust, and our horses got a little fuzzy until the holidays are past.

Now, however, there’s still plenty to do even in the off-season, from recognized and schooling horse trials to opportunities to brush up on your dressage and show jumping skills. And that means, there are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer!

As always, you can earn merit points when you donate your time through the USEA’s Volunteer Incentive Program. Registering to volunteer through EventingVolunteers.com makes it easy and seamless to both find a job and shift as well as learn what your role will entail.

USEA Events

Full Gallop Farm December HT (December 12th, 2021)

Other Events

Majestic Oaks Schooling H.T. (December 11th, 2021)

Jumping Branch Farm Schooling HT (December 10th, 2021 to December 11th, 2021)

USEF/USDF “Winter Wonderland” Dressage (December 11th, 2021 to December 12th, 2021)