Vote for the #TredstepPayItForward Challenge Winner

The Tredstep Solo Pro Coat and Interchangeable Collar. The Tredstep Solo Pro Coat and Interchangeable Collar.

Eventers are an inspiration, and this weekend was further proof of this. Last week, we introduced the Tredstep Ireland Pay It Forward challenge, where we invited you to nominate someone who has helped and inspired you during your riding career.

Both the nominee AND the person who nominates will receive a Tredstep Solo Pro Coat and Interchangeable Collar! The Solo Pro Coat is a uniquely tailored, traditional style jacket that combines innovative materials with performance enhancing features.

We’re excited to have had a lot of great entries, and we’ve made the difficult decision of narrowing the list down to 8 finalists. Take a look here and vote for your favorite in the poll below. Voting will close on Friday, May 6 at 5 p.m. EST, and we’ll announce the winner this weekend. Good luck to our finalists!

1. @eventingenzo

Nominating @jgeventing for @goeventing's #TredstepPayItForward ✨ Retraining my OTTB for eventing has been both the most rewarding and challenging experience I've had. Throughout all the ups and downs, Julia has been there to build me back up every time I doubt myself. She's listened to and read countless calls and texts to reassure me that Enzo has the talent and we can get to our goals. Choosing to send Enzo to Aiken, so far away from MA, was nerve wracking, but I felt so much better with Julia giving me daily updates on my boy. She's one of the only people besides my trainer that I trust the ride on Enzo to (I mean, look how good she makes him look!) and she's helped inspire me to not give up. I could honestly have nominated multiple people for this- @wmaling @jmkuzeja @corbzzzzz @haileyob have all been amazing. I'm so grateful to have these awesome people in my corner rooting for me and Enzo ❤️

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2. @notjustaonetrickpony

Hi @goeventing and @tredstep__ireland I'm nominating the background team aka my parents. Pictured here with me fence judging at The Grassroots Championships 2014&2015, we are heading to Badminton again next week to fence judge at The Mitsibushi Cup. They are regular @britisheventing volunteers being out most weekends and often staying further away to help all weekend. They help immensely with my two horses and have given me support in my decision to go eventing. I still live at home along with my terrier and without that I couldn't afford to compete. My mum is very horsey so is a great help with helping out and also when I have broken both of them in. They both were there when my homebred was born and have supported every step of the way with him, my Dad came XC schooling with me last week when I took him for the first time. #tredsteppayitforward

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3. @lab361

I'm nominating Betsy Ball of @redbudequestrian for #tredsteppayitforward Betsy is always inspiring me, whether she is pushing me to be a better rider or a better human. Not only does she run a top notch eventing farm in Mississippi, but she also has a dog rescue helping strays find much needed and loved homes! Betsy selflessly gives so much to everyone in her life and to the sport of eventing. She has helped so many horse crazy, but financial struggling college students achieve their eventing goals. To her, it doesn't matter if you can't afford to ride or show, as long as you are willing to work hard she will help you out! Not only is she giving back through teaching, she also spends her time volunteering for the sport. Often at an event you can find her between her coaching and riding obligations on the cross country course giving back to the sport through jump judging! She saw a potential in me that I never knew I had and inspired me everyday to work harder. Betsy values being a horseman above all else, to her the horses wellbeing always comes first. I think it would be hard to find a better or more deserving person for this contest!

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4. @lauraengeman

I am nominating my trainer Kris Wallace for the #TredstepPayItForward award! When I left to attend the University of Missouri this past fall, I had heard from many people, family included, that I would not have the time or money to ride in college. After an extensive search during first semester, I found Kris’s stable. She was the only trainer in the area who was able or willing to provide horses for me to use in lessons. Kris has accommodated my schedule as it has changed across semesters. She even managed to cram my lessons in between classes to ensure I was still able to ride! Since show season has arrived, Kris has provided me with many opportunities to attend a variety of shows. With her support, I will be competing in my first three-day event in May! What makes Kris even more deserving is that Kris has given me the opportunity to be a working student so that I can afford to compete on a college student’s budget. Without Kris, I think I would have been forced to quit riding while at school. The support Kris has provided to help me continue to pursue my passion is why I nominate her for the #TredstepPayItForward award!

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5. @rsowinski

6. @nkilver

7. @sagartland

8. @xbetterbesocialx