Vote for the Winner of the Fairfax & Favor Wardrobe Malfunction Photo Challenge

We asked and you certainly delivered! It’s time to decide the winner of our Fairfax & Favor Wardrobe Malfunction photo challenge! We asked you to submit your best wardrobe or equipment fails (let’s face it, we’ve all had a few!) and now it’s time for you, dear readers, to vote on the winner. Here are the finalists, and you’ll find a voting poll at the bottom of this post. Voting will close on Wednesday, December 15 at midnight and we’ll announce the winner in Wednesday News & Notes. The winner will receive a pair of iconic Fairfax & Favor Regina boots. Good luck!

Delaney Emerson: “The jumpsuit was just a little too long….horse passed, I was questionable for soundness…”

Melissa Mayo: “My first jog at my first long format”

Melissa Mayo – photo courtesy of JJ Sillman.

Tilly McCarroll: “Not a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ as such, but the floaty pants were the culprit as to why I fell over!”

Photo courtesy of Tilly McCarroll.

Grace Netter: “Never wear new tall boots on cross country, cause he spooked and they popped open – #Bootgate2017”

Photo courtesy of Carissa Lynn Equine Photography.

Helen Southwell: “Entered a ridden best turned out class with an unbacked youngster, and after my next class realised I’d had my trousers on backwards the whole time!”

Photo courtesy of Helen Southwell.