VOTE for Your Favorite Hoarder to Win a Pair of SmartPak’s Pipers Breeches

Ryan Keefe says, Ryan Keefe says, "These aren't ALL the bits — just enough to spell out RK3DE!"

To celebrate wonderful horsey things that are simply too fun to have just one of — and ROLEX!— SmartPak’s helping us give away six pairs of their new Piper Breeches. We asked for evidence of your equine-fueled hoarding collecting. And you answered. Vote for your favorite. The top three will win TWO PAIRS of Pipers each.

Sara Gartland says she "has (almost) every number and rider packet from the past 10 years tucked away somewhere in my trailer."

Sara Gartland says she “has (almost) every number and rider packet from the past 10 years tucked away somewhere in my trailer.”

hoarder LG

“NO, we do not hoard lead ropes,” Lynn Garvin said. “We just want to make sure that if an octopus and all of his extended family show up, everyone can have a lead.”

Wendy Schmitt

Wendy Schmitt’s “Pony Room”

Jeanna Epping

Jeanna Epping: “All this just for one 4-year-old’s show gear. Oops.”


Mandy “This is my bridle collection. I have ONE horse.”

Ashleigh Rauen

Ashleigh Rauen: “HOARDERS: Bays Edition”

Celeste Coulter

Celeste Coulter: “This is what happens when you own three horses and one pony who are all entirely different sizes and builds — you require a ridiculous amount of tack in a million different sizes. I don’t know whether I should feel proud of my ‘collection’ or ashamed.”

Erin Kimmer

Erin Kimmer: “My ‘used tack store’ takes up half of my basement and is made up solely of equipment that I ‘might’ use one day. Some fun items include petal bell boots, the first Professional Choice boots they ever made, and a blanket and bridle from an aunt’s horse she had in the 60’s. I just salvaged the crown piece from this bridle to use on a hunt bridle, so it’s completely justified to keep the rest of it because you never know, you may need it!!”

Kristenn Cowan

Kristen Cowan: “This isn’t everything. Just what was in the trailer for one show.”

Megan Woods

Megan Woods: “We collect towing vehicles. And this isn’t all of them. I promise we do use them all!”

Voting closes Friday at noon EST.

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