Vote for Your Favorite Hamilton BioVet STAYONS Leg Wrapping

We asked you to come up with a creative way to wrap your horse’s legs for a chance to win a fabulous prize pack from Hamilton BioVet. We’ve got four finalists to choose from, and they’re all spectacular!

Check out our finalists’ entries below and vote for your favorite in the poll. Voting will close on Tuesday, December 23 at 5 p.m. EST, so be sure to vote early and share! We’d like to thank Hamilton BioVet for all of their support for this contest and throughout the year. Click the banner below to find out more about the products that Hamilton BioVet offers.

The winner of our STAYONScontest will win a prize pack containing:

Without further ado, here are your finalists!

Sarah Cundith:

My four-year old OTTB mare, Dig, with her legs gift-wrapped complete with ribbons.

Sarah Cundith Entry

Erin Cheever:

My name is Erin Cheever and this is a photo collage of my horse, Ballygannon. Ballygannon (aka Danny Boy) is an 8-year-old Irish Sport Horse that I just purchased from Ontario, Canada. All he wants for Christmas is a prize pack from Hamilton BioVet!

Erin Cheever Entry

Amanda Knutson:

This is Penny, my 5 year old OTTB. She is the best! A Stay-Ons prize pack would be awesome! I won some of the leg wraps at a show last year and fell in love! Penny is just starting back to work after a suspensory injury, so we use a lot of poultice.

The first pic is her wrapped in tinsel garland and ribbon, making her treat face. The second one is just a close up of her polos with the tinsel over them! My entire barn thought I was crazy! But Penny doesn’t care!

Amanda Knutson Entry

Karen Reilly:

What holiday would be complete without watching A Christmas Story marathon?! Well we decided to re-create the nostalgic lamp on our very “fragile” horse Ben. Enjoy!  This entry is submitted by team Mauleton Madness 🙂

Karen Reilly

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