Walk the Ravenna CIC3* Italian Championship Course

Fence 1. Photo via Ancce Facebook. Fence 1. Photo via Ancce Facebook.

It’s always educational to look at cross country courses from around the world to see how they differ in design. Here’s a look at French designer Benoit Marchand’s CIC3* course for the Italian Championships in Ravenna, Italy, this weekend courtesy of Ancce’s Facebook page.

It looks like the water complexes are at fences 5 and 20 and just hadn’t been filled yet when these photos were taken. What do you think of the course, EN? Would you put this on par with our CIC3* courses in the U.S.?

Many thanks to Ancce for sharing a preview of the course on Facebook, and good luck to all the riders competing in the Italian Championships this weekend.

Go Eventing.


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