Want to Join the EN Team? West Coast Correspondents Needed!

Chinch is looking for a travel buddy! Chinch is looking for a travel buddy!

Picture this scenario: You arrive at one of the many three-star events on the West Coast, armed with your camera and laptop, eyes peeled for your next victim interview subject in the form of Hawley Bennett-Awad or Tamie Smith. Chinch is by your side, ready for photobombing and shenanigans.

You spend the weekend taking in the sights and snapping photos, interviewing the riders and whoever else comes across your path, and then writing up reports for EN. Sound like something you can see yourself doing? Read on!

EN is looking for talent in the form of West Coast correspondents to provide coverage at the biggest events in California: Galway Downs, Woodside, Twin Rivers and Copper Meadows. We’d like to find someone who is already traveling to these events, or multiple people who live within proximity to these events (i.e. someone near Galway Downs and someone near Woodside).

This is a great opportunity to get a feel for real-time event coverage and includes duties like writing reports and recaps, photography and video interviews. If you feel you’d be a great fit for this position, please tell us why (include any writing samples, photos and anything else you think we should know) by emailing [email protected].

Go Eventing.