Want to Own the Rolex Winner’s Watch?

For just $6,500, you can own a Rolex Datejust watch that claims to be the prize for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. The seller, Ermitage Jewelers in Atlanta, Ga., says the product images are taken from the actual watch and offers a 100-percent authenticity guarantee. The serial number includes 2013, meaning the watch was manufactured this year. While at first glance it looks like Andrew Nicholson put his Rolex prize on eBay, the ad description says this is a women’s watch.

The COTH forums suggested the more likely scenario that Rolex purchases two watches each year — one for a male winner and one for a female winner. If that assumption is correct, then this watch is in fact a prize for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. I reached out to Andrew Nicholson for comment. For some reason, he has not yet responded back to me about this very important story. Click here to view the full ad on eBay, and feel free to comment if you know more about the watch’s origins. Go Rolex.

[Rolex Watch eBay Ad]


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