Wanted: Sales Manager with Penchant for Chinchillas

If this looks like your idea of a good time, please read on. If this looks like your idea of a good time, please read on.

You’ve heard about the Fourth Annual EN Blogger Contest, but did you know Nation Media is also hiring a full-time sales guru? It’s true! See all the ads on the site? Someone has to sell them, and since the chinchillas don’t have thumbs, it’s pretty hard for them to work the phones.

So what are we looking for? We’re in search of a full-time sales manager to join Nation Media. You’ll be in charge of selling ads for Eventing Nation, Horse Nation and — drumroll! — a brand new website we’re unveiling very soon.

What kind of experience should you have? We’d prefer someone with past sales experience, but we’d also love to hear from ambitious, energetic self-starters who think they’re chemically unbalanced enough to join our team.

What’s the job like? At Nation Media, we sleep with our cell phones under our pillows. We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to answer Saturday emails and field Sunday phone calls to nail a sale. And John has no concept of what day it is, so really those phone calls could come at all hours of the night.

What’s the pay like? We want to reward people for making sales — and lots of them. With that in mind, we’d like the salary to be heavily based on commission. But we’re open to ideas, so don’t be afraid to pitch a new one our way.

Do I need a horse background? A horse background is definitely preferred, but not necessary. If you’re a go-getter with sales experience but don’t know a poll from a dock, that’s OK. Send us your resume anyways.

How do I apply? Please send a brief email introducing yourself — including any sales experience — along with your resume to [email protected]. Good luck!

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