Waredaca Launches Jimmy Wofford Legacy Fund to Promote Eventing Education

Jim Wofford and Chinch share a moment.

Waredaca is launching a new program to honor its dear friend and supporter, the late Jimmy Wofford.

The Waredaca Eventing Education Foundation (WEEF), a 501(c)(3) charity, was formed with the mission to support eventing education at Waredaca Farm. The Foundation’s first project is the creation of The Jimmy Wofford Legacy Fund to promote eventing education. The award will serve to pay homage to Jimmy, who was an eternal proponent of continuing education, of participating in traditional long-format events, and of giving back to his community by sharing his time and expertise with many through the years.

This fund will reward one adult amateur and one junior whose intention is to train and compete in the Waredaca Classic Three-Day Event in October. The vision is for this to be an ongoing, perpetual scholarship that will honor Wofford and keep the spirit of the three-day long format.

Jim Wofford and Kilkenny on their way to clinching team silver and individual sixth place at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. Photo copyright Werner Ernst.

Scholarships will be awarded to at least one adult amateur and one junior who:

  • are working towards the 2023 Waredaca Classic Three Day Event
  • wish to continue their eventing education
  • are in need of support due to lack of access, personal hardship, or other similar circumstance
  • have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the sport by volunteering

Scholarships comprise one free entry to the Classic and to four expert days at Waredaca. In addition, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to one adult amateur from the Area 1 Adult Riders program wishing to train and compete in the 2023 Waredaca Classic.

Jimmy was a strong supporter of the long format in general, and the Waredaca Classic Three-Day in particular, and was a regular presence at the Waredaca’s monthly Expert Days until very recently. The team at Waredaca and the Foundation are thrilled that Jimmy’s wife, Gail, has given her enthusiastic blessing to this effort, “especially because I know how Jim always encouraged the long format competitions,” she said.

Photo courtesy of Waredaca.

You can find more information on WEEF, the Jimmy Wofford Legacy Fund, and the scholarships here.

The application for this scholarship can be accessed on the Jimmy Wofford Legacy Fund page and will close on May 1, 2023.

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