Was it Rolex, the Derby, or Badminton?

Friends, I have spent so much time writing about Rolex, the Derby, and Badminton, over the past two weeks that the three competitions have merged together into one blurry memory of horses running really fast.  Can you identify which event each of these pictures and videos come from?


Oh my old Kentucky home.  There may not have been enough drunken Kentuckians bored out of their minds at Rolex to start such mayhem, but there very well might be enough at the WEGs.  You know that line of porta potties by the general admissions gate?  Your move Eventing Nation.


Is he smiling or grimacing in pain?  Hi, I’m a photographer–don’t mind me while I take a picture of your wife adjusting your waders…at least I hope that’s your wife.  Is that a Mitsubishi in the background?

Sweeping: you’re doing it wrong.  This horse was just trying to help out around the barns because he was scratched after the dressage.  No worries though, his rider went on to finish second.


He probably would have been one of the several riders at Rolex who forgot their dressage test, but he will take the inside whether there is room or not and he will beat you.

You can feel the painful physical experience of riding without the joy of companionship with a horse–yours for just a few thousand pounds.
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