Watch Highlights from the WEG Opening Ceremony

All (horse) paths lead to Normandy. That was the undercurrent of the opening ceremony for the 2014 World Equestrian Games yesterday. After a colorful and exuberant National Delegations Parade, the party kicked off with 30 acts of visual effects and fluid choreography depicting both Norman and equine history.

No stone was left unturned, and the latest technology was embraced as lights and projectors painted pictures of oceans and deserts on the floor of d’Ornano stadium. No less than 300 exhibitors, 100 or so of which were mounted, danced, spun, and galloped their way through the stadium, displaying everything from the Vikings to Pegasus.

You can view photos from the opening ceremony on the Normandy 2014 website. Last night’s festivities marked the official open of the World Equestrian Games, and we couldn’t have asked for much more from the opening ceremony; it was fantastically produced and a real treat to witness.

If you missed the live show, the replay is available on FEI TV here if you are a subscriber. Also, don’t forget that Universal Sports will be showing 14 hours of WEG coverage, so check out the broadcast schedule here.


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