#WaybackWednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Big, Bold Badminton (and Some Perms)

Sometimes, you’ve got to look back to fully grasp how monumental the things yet to come will be — and that’s certainly how I feel about the return of Badminton this year, which must be the eventing world’s most discussed topic this week. That’s because priority booking opened up this morning for 2022’s event — the first since that magical running in 2019, when we saw Piggy March take top honours — and from what we hear, camping spots are going like hotcakes and the team behind the scenes are getting ready for the biggest Badminton ever.

But then again, when has Badminton ever been small, either dimensionally or in status and feel? Today’s video takes us back nearly three decades to 1993, a year jam-packed with familiar faces and familiar fences — and all that indescribable magic that comes as part of the package with this iconic event. Tune in and get excited for May (oh, and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, head to the priority link now or set an alarm for next Wednesday, when the box office will open for general sales!).

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