#WaybackWednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Ginny Leng and Priceless at Badminton 1985

The Vintage Eventing YouTube channel has put up another gem, and with fitting timing as we’ve just passed the weekend that would have been the 2021 Badminton Horse Trials. Take a walk through the archives with Ginny Leng and Priceless’ round in 1985 – and hear from Ginny herself as she narrates her round, which would prove to be the winning one when the dust settled at the end of the weekend.

“Have all your exercises at home really paid off?” This is the question Ginny poses as the video shows her heading out of the start box. She then goes on to relate the various questions around the track to some of the preparation she’d done at home with Priceless, who had also won Burghley two years prior.

“You have to know exactly where you are,” she continues, relaying her perspective on the terrain and weather and how it can effect the way you attack the track. “You have to actually know every virtual blade around that course in order to be as accurate as you should be to take the quick routes.”

It’s vastly interesting not only to get to watch these rounds from eventing in days past, but to also hear straight from Ginny herself, who has some key takeaways that are useful to implement ourselves. I, for one, loved seeing how full of run Priceless finished. Enjoy this one!

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