#WaybackWednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Will Coleman & OBOS O’Reilly at Bromont

Can you feel it? That constant buzz of excitement now that the 2017 season is in full swing.

With the three-week blitz of Rolex Kentucky, Badminton and Jersey Fresh behind us, the EN team members are now looking ahead to the next three-week blitz of Tattersalls, Bromont and Luhmühlen.

True confessions: Bromont is one we all fight over a bit each year as to who will get the privilege of covering the event in Quebec, Canada. That should come as no surprise.

  • Set in an adorable ski town that oozes charm ✔
  • Run at an incredible venue with Derek di Grazia as course designer ✔
  • Added perk of all the Tim Hortons and poutine your heart could possibly desire ✔

This year Leslie Threlkeld once again has the honors of covering Bromont for EN, while I’m heading to Ireland for Tattersalls and Leslie Wylie is heading to Germany for Luhmühlen.

The 2013 running of Bromont will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first year I covered the event for EN. Will Coleman and OBOS O’Reilly gave us a class performance across all three phases to take the CCI3* win. Take a walk down memory lane with me in this video courtesy of RNS.

Are you planning to make the trip to Bromont this year? If not, you’re seriously missing out! Entries are open through May 31. Click here for all the details.

Go Bromont. Go Eventing.

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