#EventerProblems Vol. 116: United We Stand, Together We Fail

The whole #EventerProblems social experiment has been pretty interesting. As of this moment a total of 6,681 photos have been uploaded to Instagram with the #EP hashtag, and I’ve looked and laughed at every last one of them. And I can tell you this: No matter how bizarre you think your own eventer problems are, I promise you someone else out there in some corner of the eventing world is experiencing the same thing.

Think you’re the only one who sees cryptic messages embedded in fortune cookies?

Think again!

Clearly whoever wrote this fortune has never tried to do dressage with an OTTB on a windy day…. #eventerproblems

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Believe you’re the only person who is stealing food intended for human consumption for their horse?


Ever feel like you’re the only eventer in the world who has to coax themselves out of bed in the morning via unorthodox methods?

It’s eventing time baby!!! #britisheventing #whoneedssleep #teamsprout #eventerproblems #richmondhorsetrials

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It’s a parallel universe, my friend.

My point is: You’re not alone! Everybody’s crazy here. So go forth and conquer!

In other news, I’m still 9 years old. #breyerhorses #eventerproblems

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Tough day in the office #ottb #eventerproblems

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Monster. Franzia. NSAIDs. Ice packs. #teambadidea membership renewal completed. #eventerproblems

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Pigs on the loose! Pc: @debc91 #eventerproblems

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t=”_blank”>This is what happens when you leave little girls with the intermediate level horse #ottbofinstagram #ottb #horses #horsesofinstagram #eventhorse #eventer #eventerproblems #unicorn

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Go Eventing.