We are Once Again Asking You to Look at These Memes

At this point in the year – yes, a whole 21 days – our little brains are so frazzled by, well, *gestures vaguely at everything*, and so the only way we can interact with the world or parse any usable information is by injecting it straight into our serotonin-makers via increasingly ridiculous memes. Fortunately for the dim whirring noise that’s going on behind our collective eyes, this week has been a particular goldmine for the memery, courtesy of classique Vermonter Bernie Sanders and his cozy, efficient approach to popping by an inauguration. Talk about an instant classic, folks – poor old Bernie has since wormed his way into just about every album cover, film poster, and piece of priceless artwork ever made.

And so it was inevitable that he’d eventually be co-opted by the rabid horsey masses, whose extraordinarily niche memes add an extra layer of weird and wonderful to the whole thing. Far be it from us to simply share our favourite funnies in our EN group chat, though. Nay, dear readers – like Bernie himself, we’re all about sharing the wealth and adding to it, too.

As always, Eat the Rich! Oh, um, sorry, we mean…Go Eventing!

As tends to be the nature of memes, some of those included in this post have been passed around without attribution – so if you’re the creator, or you know who is, give us a heads-up in the comments and we’ll be sure to include a linked credit!