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Good morning EN! This weekend there will be a new cardiac study taking place at Waredaca Farm Horse Trials. Veterinarian Catherine Kohn and a crew of assistants will be testing two prototypes for monitoring ECGs on horses during the cross country. According to a post on Waredaca’s website, the farm is very excited to be able to help Dr. Kohn with her research, and the study has been endorsed by USEA CEO Jo Whitehouse. If you are competing this weekend and would like to volunteer as a participant, make sure to let the office know. More details will be forthcoming. [Waredaca Cardiac Study]

Weekend Preview:

The Event at Santa Fe [Entry Status/Times]

Erie Hunt and Saddle Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Waredaca Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Full Gallop Farm August H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

The 2014 Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships are officially open for entries! And it gets better- the first 100 competitor to enter and pay via Xentry will be entered into a drawing for a gas card to help ease transportation costs. In addition, there is a $100 discount for entries completed by August 19. If you aren’t qualified for the AECs, remember that the Adult Team Challenge will run simultaneously. You can see qualification requirements for it here. [USEA]

How to “hobnob with the horsey crowd,” by British socialite Celestria Noel. The guide is meant to help those who have been “invited to attend a horse trials or a polo match” but do not “know how to behave, what to wear or the right words to utter.” Noel’s advice, first and foremost, is actually really helpful: don’t frighten the horses. She also warns you to totally ignore royalty and celebrities that may be attending the show, and that “another real faux pas is to call eventing and horse trials ‘showjumping.’ Showjumping is one of the disciplines within three-day eventing.” Overall, her advice is pretty on point, if a bit tongue-in-cheek. Click to read the entire piece. [WPTZ Burlington]

The Colorado Horse Park is for sale. After 21 years of leadership, founder Helen Krieble has decided that it is time to sell the facility. She is in her seventies, so it is totally understandable that she is ready to retire. According to Horsetalk, the “148 acre facility has three barns, 11 arena and 300 stalls and welcomes more than 35,000 visitors per year and hosts more than 40 competitions annually.” [Horsetalk]

This week on the Eventing Radio Show: Ulcers and Jock Paget. This week Jock Paget joins hosts Jess and Samantha to discuss his vindication, then Dr. Lydia Gray from SmartPak talks about gastric ulcers. This week’s trainer tip comes from Ariel Grald, who describes an exercise to help with your horse’s adjust-ability over fences. [Eventing Radio Show]

A Swedish study of horse-riding accidents has left researchers wondering if safety equipment has reduced the number of serious human injuries in recent years. In Sweden, riding is the eighth most popular sport with 200,ooo participants. Researchers investigated the records of all patients admitted to the emergency room for horse-related trauma at Linköping University Hospital over a two-year period. In total, 147 adults and 141 children came to the hospital for horse-related injuries during that time. 63 of those patients were admitted to the hospital, and 19 of those were classified as having “serious injuries.” Four patients needed intensive care treatment. In comparison with other research, the incidence of serious injuries was much lower. [Horsetalk]

And today’s video, via Horse Nation, is the second installment of everyone’s favorite equine-themed exercise routine: Prancercise.



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