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Donner does his best Valegro impression. Photo from USEF High Performance Facebook Page. Donner does his best Valegro impression. Photo from USEF High Performance Facebook Page.

Bonjour, EN! Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: the first day of the eventing portion of the 2014 World Equestrian Games! Later this morning, our six US WEG pairs will present for the jog, alongside our North American brethren, the Canadians. The jog will take place at 9:00 AM EST, which is 3:00 PM in Normandy. I, for one, am dying to see if we break out the navy blazers again, or if new coach David O’Connor has some new fashion ideas. Jenni Autry and Leslie Wylie are on-site in Normandy, so stay tuned later today for full coverage from EN. [WEG Entries] [WEG Schedule] [Jenni’s Interactive Guide to Every Single WEG Eventing Competitor]

North American Weekend Preview:

Town Hill Farm H.T. [Website]

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Chattahoochee Hills CIC1*/2* & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Times]

Silverwood Farm H.T. [Website]

Corona del Sol Heat Buster H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

The Event at Woodland Stallion Station  [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

KY Classique H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Times]

FEI Global Weekend Preview:

World Equestrian Games (FRA) CCI4* [Website] [First Horse Inspection]

Queensland International 3DE (AUS) CCI2*/1*, CIC3*/2*/1*  [Website]

Mexico City (MEX) CIC/CCI1*

Durazno (URU) CCI2*/1*, CIC2*

Firle Place International (GBR) CIC1*  [Website] [Entry Status]

Schwaiganger (GER) CIC2*/1*

Turnier (GER) CIC1*  [Website]

WEG, WEG, WEG! By now, your entire family is probably sick of you talking about nothing but WEG. Stick with EN this week to figure out how to annoy them even more! [How to get the most out of EN during WEG]

Speaking of family, you know how your significant other always drives you nuts discussing his fantasy football picks? Here’s your chance to show him what it feels like (and maybe for you to understand his or her enthusiasm). SmartPak is sponsoring our very own Fantasy Eventing Team League and you could win a $100 SmartPak gift card! And really, any kind of card to SmartPak is just money in the bank, so you should enter. [Draft Your Own Fantasy WEG Team]

This week on the Eventing Radio Show: Anna Wilks, Elisa Wallace, and Jonathan Elliot. Jonathan Elliot runs Aspen Horse Trials, which is running an Advanced the weekend after WEG. Anna Wilks just won the Junior European Championships over in England two weekends ago. Elisa Wallace events mustangs, which is every little girl’s dream. [Eventing Radio Show]

Britain’s John McEwen MBE has thrown his hat in the ring for FEI President. Current, McEwen holds the title of Veterinary Committee Chairman. He’s also been the First Vice-President of the FEI since 2000 and has chaired the General Assembly in Princess Haya’s Absence [Brit for Prez!]

Dressage is coming to New York City. The Axel Johnson Group is holding the Central Park Dressage Challenge conjunction with the Central Park Horse Show on September 20, 2014. Making appearances will be Isabell Werth, Hans Peter Minderhound, Lars Peterson, and several well-known American riders. The real highlight, however, is the return of Ravel! Steffen Peters will be bringing his retired partner out for one night only for a fairytale setting in Central Park.  [Ravel Returns]

Speaking of dressage, the only Friesian at the World Games cantered down centerline earlier this week. Adelprag Anders 451 is a 14 year old Friesian stallion ridden by Chere Burger of South Africa. Burger only started riding dressage in 2013, and competed in her first CDI last year. Next stop, the Olympics? [Grand Prix Friesian at WEG]

SmartPak Product of the Day: It may be only August, but there have already been a few mornings where the crisp Philadelphia air has left me wishing for a light sweater. Luckily, I bought the Alexus Waffle Tech ¼ Zip Top last year and I’m quite ready to pull it out and wear it again. Warm, stylish and as a bonus, it has nifty thumbholes! [SmartPak]

I wanted to find WEG video of Charlotte Dujardin’s ridiculous 85.271% Grand Prix. But alas, it is not online. So instead, you’ll have to settle for these Day 2 Highlights from WEG.

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