Veterans Day News and Notes from SmartPak

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

To all veterans, active and retired, Eventing Nation would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your service on this Veterans Day.

In other news, we keep talking about the end of the season, but the reality is that it isn’t over yet. There are a whopping four events running this weekend, mostly in the warmer climes, but Tennessee and Maryland events are braving the cold too. Considering how much rain the events last weekend had, I’m hoping for a drier weather pattern on behalf of all those still trucking on this year.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Full Moon Farms H.T. [Website]

River Glen Fall H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Ocala Fall H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Are you feeling the #NoStirrupNovember pain? We completely understand. That’s why we’re teaming up with Total Saddle Fit to give away a beautiful pair of calfskin leathers as your reward for all of your hard work this month. We’ve extended the deadline to Monday, November 16 at 5 p.m. EST so enter now! [#NoStirrupNovember Contest Details]

A drone has tentatively been linked to the death of a police horse. Fimber, a police horse in England, was enjoying some turn-out when he seemed to spook at something and tried to jump out of his paddock. Unfortunately, he collided with a wooden post and had to be euthanized due to his injuries. Police found a drone abandoned nearby and are looking for information in regards to its owner. [Police Search For Owner of Drone]

Are you struggling with reaching out for sponsorship? Horse & Hound has a great guide this week on how best to approach companies. Looking for connections between yourself and the company’s message is a great way to sell yourself. A unique story never hurts, and it’s ok to get rejected. If you don’t ask, they can never say yes! [How to Get a Sponsor as a Rider]

The annual convention is coming up and USEA is doing a spotlight series on various speakers. Cathy Frederickson, Anne Crowell, and Annette Gavin will be doing a session on The Science of Balanced Riding. This session will discuss how a balanced riding position affects the horse and how the saddle and other equipment can affect the horse’s movement. [USEA Convention Speaker Spotlight]

The countdown is on for Alice and Fernhill Present. With only one week to go until Adelaide begins, Alice is trying to swallow her worries. If she completes this event, Fernhill Present will become the second horse to complete five of the six four stars…with Burghley in Alice’s home country as the final one. Our very own Shiraz currently holds the title of five for six, but I think I’d have to root for someone to do all of them. [Time Flies]

Astier Nicolas is a rising star after snatching the win at Pau. The 26 year old talks about what he looks for in a horse and who is eventing idols are. Then he talks a lot about Michael Jung. A lot. But then, the rest of us are in awe of the Terminator too, so why not talk about him? [Ringside Chat]

SmartPak Product of the Day: This item is pure genius. This is a brand new item at SmartPak and is a spray bottle holder that can be hung on the side of a stall. Now please tell me you don’t want one. Go on, I dare you. [SmartPak]

West coast native Allie Knowles returned to her old stomping grounds to absolutely storm around the cross country.