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@olivia.quill and I are in Wellington today at Kulak Equestrian with Equinew and Dr Sheila Schils for an FES Advanced…

Posted by Will Coleman Equestrian on Monday, January 20, 2020

I discovered FES last year by vet recommendation and had my horse start on it in September. By November, I couldn’t believe the different in my horse….he filled out and grew a top line, had no problem tucking his hind end and pushing on the flat and no longer curled behind the bit. I couldn’t quite translate the work we had at home to a show thanks to a bit of an attention deficit on my horse’s part but I have every confidence that the FES was a huge part in the improvement in quality of work.

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Thoroughbred fans will mourn the loss of one of the most prominent modern day sires. Empire Maker has sadly passed away at the age of 20, due to complications from disease. This horse lives on as a prominent sire of sires, having been the tail male grandsire of Triple Crown winner American Pharoah. [Empire Maker Dies at 20]

Kentucky tickets are on sale, Badminton tickets are on sale… Unsurprisingly you can save a small chunk of change if you buy tickets early, including car parking. If you want stadium seats for either event, you must buy early! [The Ultimate Guide to Badminton Tickets]

I’m making an effort to tell my story so that others might not feel alone. It’s easy to think everything is fine, but you might be surprised what a mental health check-up might reveal. You might find some benefits of finding an issue early. [A Little Help Goes a Long Way]

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