Wednesday News & Notes

Cold, wet nose. Photo by Maggie Deatrick.

‘Tis the season to say screw it, not going to ride today. Welcome to not-quite-winter where we will look out the window and see snow or rain or both and realize that it’s ok to maybe have a couple weeks off to digest our turkey and potatoes lingering in our bellies.

National Holiday: Santa’s List Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Your Wednesday News & Notes

Sooner or later, most horse people make a trip to the emergency room. It’s important to be financially prepared if at all possible, and one you can do that is with a Health Savings Account. This money not only earns interest but also is pre-tax money that can be utilized for everything from surgery to joint injections (the human kind!). [A PSA: Get an HSA]

Matthew Heath opens up about the mental hurdles he’s overcome and still works to keep ahead of. After the tremendous success of his early twenties dried up as he entered his thirties, Matthew struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. He eventually worked through it but is upfront about the mental costs that this sport can take. [I’d Lost My Love for the Sport]

I have a side hobby of checking out nearby farmettes for sale and rent. When the yards of various top eventers get profiled, I leap at the chance to take a peek at the facilities used to prep top level eventers. [Lucy Jackson’s New Yard]

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Look what arrived in the post today 🤩#christmasarrivedearly

Posted by Lainey Ashker on Friday, November 29, 2019